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  • Blavk


    in the Sky

    Esszék középiskolák számára3  

    Black Helicopters in the Sky ... Vetcherebin Chapter 1 Helicopters buzzed overhead. Danni ... routine for him. Helicopters meant everything to ...

  • Military



    Esszék középiskolák számára2  

    Helicopters played a minor ... demonstrated that the helicopter could perform useful ... unit. But the helicopters of the day ... capabilities. By Korea, helicopters were more numerous ...

  • Jet Engine in Aviation

    Kutatási anyagok főiskolák/egyetemek számára38  

    I have chosen this topic basing on the subject, that nowadays jet engine is the most common type of engine operating in modern aircrafts. A jet engine is much more effective than ...

  • Tour to Australia

    Kutatási anyagok főiskolák/egyetemek számára15  

    ... and jet skiing, helicopter flight, adrenaline tour ...

  • Russian Military Reforms

    Esszék főiskolák/egyetemek számára18 TOP 500

    CONCLUSION After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia inherited most of the Soviet’s military power. However, the Russian armed forces have become a shadow of the “Soviet war ...

  • American Youth Slang

    Záródolgozatok főiskolák/egyetemek számára59 TOP 50

    CONCLUSION Having done the research and written the paper “American Youth Slang”, the author has come to the following conclusions. American Youth Slang is an extremely ...

  • British Monarchy And Its Influence Upon Governmental Institutions

    Kutatási anyagok főiskolák/egyetemek számára110 TOP 500

    Sovereign: Queen Elizabeth II (1952) Government: The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy, with a queen and a Parliament that has two houses: ...

  • Dakar Rally

    Prezentációk általános iskolák számára12 Ingyenes! 

    1999: From Granada to Dakar 2000: From Dakar to Cairo, Egypt 2001: From Paris to Dakar, Senegal 2002: From Arras, in the north of France (160 km from Paris), through Madrid, ...

  • The Comparison of Economics Situation in Mexico and in Latvia

    Összefoglalók, jegyzetek középiskolák számára9  

    1.1 Economy in Mexico Official name: United Mexican States. The economy of Mexico is the 12th largest in the world, with a gross domestic product that surpassed a trillion dollars ...

  • Public Relations in a Company

    Kutatási anyagok főiskolák/egyetemek számára5  

    “E-lats” is a pawnshop and people have stereotypes regarding them but the company can make a new image- like a usual shop. In their advertisements they do not mention the word ...

  • Computer Games

    Kutatási anyagok főiskolák/egyetemek számára11  

    Conclusion To sum up, I can say that games are around us and I doubt whether they will ever disappear. Nowadays, there are so many available games that people might need even ...

  • Chernobyl

    Kutatási anyagok általános iskolák számára9 Értékelve. 

    I chose to write about Chernobyl, because I am interested in these weird things, which happen sometimes. Especially if the government is trying to hide the obvious. You can’t ...

  • Transport

    Esszék középiskolák számára2  

    Transport has been developing very fast all the time. In the early 20-th century people didn't even think that they would be able to travel by air. But now every average man can ...

  • Weapons

    Kutatási anyagok főiskolák/egyetemek számára15  

    1) Introduction New generation grounding upon up to date situation in the world can only approximately imagine what period of 20th century they have fortunately avoided, ...

  • Public Transport in 2050

    Kutatási anyagok főiskolák/egyetemek számára39  

    This paper is based on the three transport modes; car, train and airplane. The reason to choose those transport methods is because they are the most common ones, and they develop ...

  • Comparison of Accomodation

    Prezentációk középiskolák számára52  

    Aim and tasks Aim - compare three 5 star hotels Tasks : to gather information about hotel location, offerings, facilities, prices etc.; to compare all obtained information; ...

  • Land Surveying

    Kutatási anyagok főiskolák/egyetemek számára10  

    CONCLUSION Many properties have considerable problems with regards to improper bounding, miscalculations in past surveys, titles, easements, and wildlife crossings. Also many ...

  • My Dream House

    Prezentációk középiskolák számára7  

    In the kitchen, there would be the most modern devices.I would have a remote control, using which I could control the whole house. The lights in the house would automatically ...

  • Andorra Web/Social Media Presence and Publicity Analysis

    Összefoglalók, jegyzetek főiskolák/egyetemek számára9  

    The role of Social media in a new marketing plan Curent: use of social media the best in Facebook (Promotion, Communication and Management category messages), also different audio ...

  • Drones

    Prezentációk általános iskolák számára11  

    ... they take off? Helicopter type drones are ...

  • The Presidents of USA

    Összefoglalók, jegyzetek középiskolák számára10  

    George Washington First President 1789-1797 George Washington's integrity set a pattern for all other Presidents to follow. On April 30, 1789, George Washington, standing on ...

  • Was the Love between Romeo and Juliet Real?

    Esszék főiskolák/egyetemek számára20 TOP 500

    Romeo and Juliet is one of the famous love stories in English literature. Who have never heard about Romeo and Juliet ? I think everyone has hared these two words. And ...

  • Leonardo Da Vinči

    Esszék középiskolák számára2  

    Leonardo Da Vinci was born in the Tuscan town of Vinci, the illegitimate son of a local lawyer. He was apprenticed as a painter in Florence before eventually becoming a 'master' in ...

  • The History of Bungee Jumping

    Kutatási anyagok középiskolák számára5  

    Bungee jumps originated in Pentecost Island in the New Hebrides, where a local tribe of natives performed their manhood-rites by jumping off a 25 metre high bamboo tower with a ...

  • New York

    Összefoglalók, jegyzetek középiskolák számára4  

    New York attracts people from all over. Get on a subway in New York and look at the newspapers that people around you are reading. One person is reading a newspaper in Spanish, ...


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