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Kiadva: 08.10.2021.
Nyelv : Magyar
Szint: Főiskola/egyetem
Irodalom: 5 egység
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  Abstract    2
  Chinese Customers for Sweet Snacks    2
  General Comparison of Types and Product Policies of Sweet Snacks: China vs. United States    3
  Comparative Analysis of Representative Pairs of Product: China vs. United States    5
  Hsu Fu Chi Pineapple Cake & HoHos Snack Cakes by Hostess    5
  Dabaitu White Rabbit Creamy Candy & Werther’s Original Chewy Caramels    6
  Want Want Hot-Kid Milk Chewy Candy & Starburst Fruit Chews    8
  Jiashili Green Tea Crackers & Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Chip Cookies    8
  Hypothetical Causes of Differences and Similarities between Products: China vs. United States    9
  Recommendations on Entering China: Sweet Snacks    10
  Appendix    12
  Works Cited    28

As demonstrated by the pairs analyzed, these products serve the same purpose in both countries. When it comes to positioning, then, the benefits and the needs satisfied do not require enhanced localization, just like usage situations: highlighting quickness and convenience is crucial in both countries. However, when it comes to target segments, companies should use a more local approach and differentiate between across segments in China, rather than trying to appeal to all of them at the same time. For example, cute and fun elements can be used for
products tailored to children, while a premium image could attract more sophisticated, niche segments.
As for packaging, the way certain information is displayed can be easily standardized: for example, nutritional facts can be presented using the globally-applied standard form, based on a 2,000-calories diet.
Nevertheless, the amount of information needed on the package might be different: as explained earlier, the mentality and loyalty of Chinese consumers do not require companies to have enhanced customer service, providing social media information for questions and reviews. Firms should rather put a greater emphasis on the look-and-feel of the packaging, pay attention to details, and address the Asian harmony with nature with welldesigned and sophisticated patterns, colors and pictures. American companies should also devote a great deal of resources to the physical packaging. While using a standard type of material for the main package can be satisfactory on both markets, the localization of individual wrappings—both in terms of material and design—is a
crucial element of a successful product in China: firms are highly advised to use high-quality materials for the individual packaging as well, and have them designed at least as detailed as the main outer package.
Lastly, some elements of branding should not be left untouched when entering the Chinese market.
Elements such as logos, typeface and fonts can be globally used across countries, but other important factors have to be localized in order to stay competitive in China. Fancy slogans, enhanced pictures and hyperboles are not necessary, and they would not fascinate Chinese consumers at all. Paying more attention to factual (mission) statements constitute a successful branding strategy in China. Choosing the right brand name can also support this idea: companies should strive for dual standardization and choose a name with the right meaning and the right
sound, still considering that such name is fairly difficult to come up with. Consequently, either proper sound or meaning standardization will be appreciated among locals.…

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